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The Poor Children's Circumstance

China is a developing county, while the children in Beijing, Shanghai or other large cities enjoy a happy life;many children in the rural area lead a desperate life. There are still 40 million poor children in China. That means one out of five children is living in poor.

The children in the far countryside face a problem that they can't afford the fee of education. And the facilitiesin the school are usually of poor quality. Every year, there are 1 million poor students who can't go to school at their school age, and 51.4% of the poor children live in families that have no regular income; Every year, half of the dead cases of poor children inthose who can't afford the treatment.

According to a survey of World Bank,half of the poor children in rural area got malnourished and nearly 90% of them got worm disease.

One Order, One Dollar

SUNWAYrealized that the children's future will advance the development of the whole society, helping poor children make their life better is an unshakable responsibility. So we decided: as received an order from our customer,we donate one dollar to Hope Project.More philanthropy program will implement as we expanding.
We suggest everybody give more attention to this social problem, and we also heartily blessing poor children can grow healthily and get good education. Let's join hands to create a brighter future.

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