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Sunway commit to support environmental protection and promote “Green Manufacture”, such as rational resource use and reasonable waste treatment. In order to reduce the influence to environment, we draft the following policies according to Environmental Protection Law

Sunwaye valuate the influences caused by materials and equipments to environment in the design and development stage and list the evaluation result in purchasing conditions.

Sunway adopt environmental protection measures (such as production technology improvement, resource saving and material systematic circulation) in production, material consumption, transportation and waste treatment.
Sunway strengthen the environmental protection consciousness of employees by holding environmental protection activities and propagandizing the conception of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.
Sunway take top management as management core of environmental system and make production with the major premise of environmental protection.
Sunway take part in environmental protection activities actively to propagandize and strengthen the environmental protection image of Tadesin.
Sunway  organize environmental protection management & inspection department and invites exterior inspection organization to supervise environmental protection together.

Sunway answer and correct the complaint and consultation of environmental protection actively.




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