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Step Stencil

Step Stencil


Step Stencil

Different thickness on a PCB may be required attributable to the different amount of

solder paste necessary for the various components.

In the occasion that different amounts of solder paste is needed on one PCB, Step-Up

and Step-Down stencils are employed.

Step-Down Stencils

*Thin out parts of the stencil to allow the specified amount of solder paste to be


*Step down stencils can resolve printing irregularities due to partial

bulging of the PCB.

Step-Up Stencils

*Partial thickening of the stencil to decrease the amount of paste released as

required for some components.

*This is especially suitable for the reflowing process of through-hole components.

Step-Up & Step-Down Stencils

*Both partial thickening and thinning are done on the stencil, resulting in a

stencil with three different thicknesses. This is employed to satisfy the different

solder paste amount requirement of different components.

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